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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm no prude, but...

Yeah, so I don't really care that much about current super-hero comics, and even less about the insane amount of merchandise manufactured about them, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with DC? I don't want to sully my weblog with the pictures, but those link to a really awful statue of the current Supergirl, making her ridiculous costume even more ridiculous, and a not much better Catwoman statue giving a good view down her cleavage. Basically statues of two of the three major costumed female characters in the DC universe cast as not-overly-attractive strippers. When's the matching Wonder Woman expected?

Wasn't the editor of SUPERGIRL just whining recently about how he wants more women to read his book and stuff like that? Yeah, okay, good luck with that, pal.

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