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Thursday, January 09, 2020

TV - The Good Place - Chapter 48 - The Answer

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The Good Place
Chapter 48 - The Answer
Season 4, Episode 9
November 21, 2019

Well, they definitely went into their final hiatus on a high note.

Getting flashbacks to Chidi's whole life is a great way to explain how he got that way, and presumably what he'll do in the few remaining episodes we have.

I liked the mix of old and new scenes from the past. Think they might have set a series record for callbacks.

"Esmerelda, you don't bring knives to a friendly game night. I mean, who does that?"
"The prepared."

How have they kept Esmerelda from us for four seasons? "These trivialities demean me. I must away and tend to my ravens."

The Chidi/Janet scene in the coda to the movie night from "Pandemonium" is just perfect.

And finally we get a new Chidi, a synthesis of 800+ lives and over 300 years. Only a few hours until we hopefully find out something about what that means, and the significance of the note.

If I hadn't decided to to a series rewatch, I probably would have watched this one at least a dozen times in the seven weeks they took off, instead of deliberately not watching it no matter how often I was tempted, whenever there was a previous scene they referenced in here. It's very tempting to make up for lost time and watch it 8 more times in the three hours until Chapter 49 starts...

Right now it looks to me like the series is pointing towards some sort of reincarnation scenario, with the emphasis on being able to do better tomorrow than you did today. On the other hand, given my track record of predicting where they're going to go, that might be the one possibility you can rule out.

And for the podcast, Marc is obviously joined by William Jackson Harper, plus editor Eric Kissack and co-producer Frank Sackett.

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TV - The Good Place - Chapter 47 - The Funeral to End All Funerals

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The Good Place
Chapter 47 - The Funeral to End All Funerals
Season 4, Episode 8
November 14, 2019

I hope for his sake Michael gets the hang of one devastating human comeback before the end. Seems to be a defining characteristic of demons that they can't figure those out.

Ah, the Good Place Committee. "We're willing to give up all of our leverage, compromise, and meet you halfway". Who does that remind me of...

Really liked that we had some reflective time with the main characters at their funerals before all the inevitable chaos breaks out.

Never quite sure what to make of the Judge, as she seems to go from being an ally to Team Cockroach to being the antagonist several times. Swings wildly into the antagonist side in this sequence, which kind of makes me think she'll end up being their main ally before the end. Kind of a Professor Snape thing.

And of course the revolution of the Janets, including Disco Janet.

On the podcast Marc Evan Jackson (he plays Shawn) joins writer Josh Siegal, actress Dana Powell (Paula of the Good Place committee), and set decorator Kimberly Wannop

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TV - The Good Place - Chapter 46 - Help Is Other People

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The Good Place
Chapter 46 - Help Is Other People
Season 4, Episode 7
November 7, 2019

And jumping ahead to the end of the experiment. Michael's obsession with stage magic and Jason being constantly impressed by it even in a place where magic literally exists is goofy fun.

Loved Simone's conspiracy board. Makes sense that she'd be the one to figure out something wasn't right.

I knew there would have to be a "This is the Bad Place" and devious laugh somewhere in here, and they didn't disappoint.

Marc is joined on the podcast by Manny Jacinto, writer Dave King, and production assistant Amanda Boisselle.

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TV - The Good Place - Chapter 45 - A Chip Driver Mystery

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The Good Place
Chapter 45 - A Chip Driver Mystery
Season 4, Episode 6
October 31, 2019

I liked all the bits with Michael talking to Bad Janet in the void.

But the more I watch it the less I like this episode overall. Brent is just so unlikable, and really John and Simone aren't that much better. I guess that's kind of the point of them, but it's a jarring contrast to the rest of the show. And it's kind of weird to see Chidi punch someone. I guess the whole think was needed to set up Bad Janet and the manifesto, but I think it could have been done better.

"Simone was very mean to me. Maybe even a little racist." Maximum Brent.

Podcast has Marc talking with Ben Koldyke (Brent), writer Lizzy Pace, and director Steve Day

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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

TV - The Good Place - Chapter 44 - Employee of the Bearimy

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The Good Place
Chapter 44 - Employee of the Bearimy
Season 4, Episode 5
October 24, 2019

Opening with Vicky, Janet and Shawn (and a Michael suit) was fun. "It's actually feels more like torture when you discuss your acting process."

Michael and Jason on the rescue mission is great. Jason getting his memories back, with the only thing that sticks being him tossing a Molotov cocktail in the Bad Place. Crashing Demon Con and the whole convoluted thing of Michael pretending to be Vicky playing Michael, Jason pretending to be Glenn playing Jason.

The storyline back in the neighbourhood didn't work as well, although I liked several of the scenes, including Derek rebooting himself, and Tahani's awkward closing of the curtains. In a lot of ways it really doesn't feel like they know what to do with Tahani in the big picture this season, so I hope she gets something big in the final few episodes.

Podcast for the week is Marc talking with Jameela Jamil and writer Joe Mande.

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