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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Murphy Anderson, R.I.P.

Comic book artist Murphy Anderson passed away at age 86. I'm mostly familiar with his work as an inker, and was a big fan of his work on various artists, in particular Curt Swan. He also did full art on a few things, and those are also very enjoyable.

A few words on the images I picked. The first one was published in BLUE BEETLE #2 [1986], but was drawn over 40 years earlier, even before Anderson was working professionally in comics, as he explains in that issue. The other three images are from three issues of SECRET ORIGINS (#8 - Doll Man, #19 - Uncle Sam and #21 - Black Condor) from 1986/7, three stories he was specifically chosen for as a tribute to artist Lou Fine, who drew the characters in the golden age (and as Anderson himself explains in the text box on that Doll Man page). Those were some gorgeous and entertaining stories, especially the Uncle Sam one, easily among the highlights of that run of SECRET ORIGINS.
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