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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Doctor Who - "Dalek"

Latest episode of the new WHO is the one I was waiting for, "Dalek". Great stuff, the new series is definitely getting better. It was a shame that it made obvious commercial sense to reveal the villain of the piece in the title and the preview, as the actual reveal in the episode was really well done and would have been stronger if you didn't know it was coming.

The handling of the Dalek was interesting. I've only seen a fraction of the original series episodes with the Daleks (although I just checked an my library has a bunch of them on video, so I went and reserved them and some other episodes), so I'm not sure how consistent it was, but it for the most part felt right (although a few parts of it felt too much like they were trying too hard to produce a definitive Dalek story).

More hints about the Time War, so I assume that'll end up being a major thing later.

Okay, back to weblog hibernation.

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