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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random TV musings

Will get back to some stuff on comics soon, I suppose.

Before that, I noticed that one of the last of my infrequent posts in the past few months was saying good things about STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. I won't retract what I said, I still think the pilot was some real good stuff, but wow has it gone downhill since. I still like the occasional scene, and the acting is mostly pretty good, but that did not turn out to be the show I was hoping for. A lot of the characters just don't seem to exist in any sort of reality, just being there to deliver lines that set up some point that the script is trying to make, and even those points come across as either vague or uninspired or ludicrous. I think I'm pretty much done with the show for now, maybe I'll check back in a few months from now to see if they find the talent of the guy who wrote SPORTS NIGHT and THE WEST WING.

Otherwise on TV, I still think THE OFFICE is pretty good, although I'm glad they finally wrapped up the split office thing and brought Jim back to Scranton. Though that does put a pretty large cast in one location. I do like a lot of the new cast (in particular Ed Helms' character), so it'll be interesting to see how those new interactions work out.

I still watch PRISON BREAK for some mindless fun, although it's gotten on thin ice the last few weeks. I think they just have too many episodes to fill for the amount of story they have, so it take forever for something to happen, which also tends to draw more attention to some of the more glaring plot holes. I think it's supposed to be going on a mid-season break soon, so I'll see if I still care when it comes back.

And I'm mostly enjoying the DAILY SHOW / COLBERT REPORT combo, except that for the most part the interviews on both shows lately haven't been too interesting, and I find myself fast-forwarding through a lot of them after a few minutes. Not sure if they've changed or I'm just a bit tired of the shtick, but the early part of each show is still pretty solid.

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