Thursday, December 07, 2006

EC - Telescope (Davis)

art by Jack Davis, story by Carl Wessler
Tales From the Crypt #45[#29] (1955)

Here's a tasteful little image from a late period EC horror story.

And a little boy saw that in 1955 and decades later came up with the idea for turducken.

Anyway, that peculiar image came about as the climax of a story about the lone survivor of a sunken ship who finds himself washed on the shore of a completely deserted island. Well, deserted except for the rat that also found its way to shore on the other end of the same plank. Thus begins a rivalry between the two as the man slowly starves, and the rat waits for him to die. One nice scene has both the man and the rat regurgitating some distasteful seaweed that washed ashore. Finally on the verge of collapse the man is able to knock down a gull that had just caught a fish, and I think you can see where this is going. The rat gets to the gull first, drags it out to sea, where the man follows and is attacked by a shark, which is caught by some native fishermen who get a surprise. That would make me lose my taste for fishing.

Bizarre little story, Davis' art has a lot of nice touches as the man gets increasingly desperate and crazy, and plays off the perspective nicely, making the rat look huge and a proper rival in some panels and small and distant in others.

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