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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Joe Gill, R.I.P.

Mark Evanier reports the recent passing of prolific comic book writer Joe Gill.

I looked at a few of the Gill collaborations with Steve Ditko over here.

Among the non-Ditko work that I've read from Gill, one of my favourites is the HERCULES series that he did with Sam Glanzman at Charlton in the late 1960s. Like a lot of his work with Ditko, there's a quirky sense of humour, odd flights of imagination and haphazard plotting, plus a lot of room given for the artwork to shine, with Glanzman doing some pretty innovative layouts, integrating the text into the art in some unusual ways. #12 is my favourite of those I've read, as Hercules is summoned to a dinner in Olympus after completing his twelve tasks and gets into a throw-down fight with his half-brother Mars.

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