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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Con report - The Day After

I'm really regretting not making more of an effort to get that SCRIBBLY issue.

And more 1970s Charltons, both with and without Ditko.

Sad, I know.

Here are the other two David Day pieces I picked up.

"Serpent Spy" is for some White Wolf thing, a role playing game, I guess. You can only barely make it out in the scan, but there are eyes embedded throughout the scales.

This is a detailed pencil version for the painted cover of ALIEN RACES 4 from Steve Jackson Games, as I just looked up on the prestigious internets. Nice large piece (image area is 10x13), and with dinosaurs being a part of most of the other original art I have, a quick buy for me.

I'm also beginning to regret not buying more of Day's art.

Seriously, if you go to the convention tomorrow and don't go right up to Day's table and check out his work after seeing these, I'm not sure why you're reading this weblog.

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