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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Scott Roberts online and other delights

Here's something that came as a delightful surprise. Scott Roberts has a whole bunch of comics and illustrations posted up on Web Comics Nation! All sorts of different categories, showing off his full range. A lot of Patty Cake, of course ("All That Glitters" is especially good), plus an ongoing new sci-fi series, various one shot comics, single panel strips, sketchbook pages, parodies (the "Lulu Meets Lulu" comparison of the Marge Little Lulu and the Stanley/Tripp version is neat) and even some caricatures drawn in a pretty good mimic of Al Hirschfeld's style. A lot of fun stuff.

Other comical things that have thrilled me lately? Steve Bissette talking about working seriously on some long-form comics again, including dusting off some bog monster related stuff. That's going to be good.

Larry Marder firming up publishing plans on Beanworld, including the all-important new stuff.

A collection of the full black and white run of ZOT! just around the corner.

Joe Kubert doing a new TOR series? Yeah, that'll brighten my day.

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