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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just a few recent things round the net I thought were worth a mention.

If you haven't read them, Todd Klein's logo studies are some great fun, tracing the evolution of various classic comic book logos through the decades.

Steve Bissette has been posting (and selling) some amazing new artwork on his site this year. All the Bissette faves, dinosaurs, zombies, Swamp Thing, Godzilla, and some unexpected stuff. Start here for a good one and follow the links.

Rick Veitch has been posting some great old and new stuff, as well. Boy, Bissette, Veitch. There really needs to be a Totleben blog to complete the set...

In the meantime, we do have Scott McCloud's new blog, and that's not nothing.

Harry Mendryk looks as the early issues of Simon & Kirby's BLACK MAGIC in his indispensable S&K Blog, which is a good way to get ready for the authorized S&K reprints coming from Titan in a few months.

Neil Gaiman on his recent appearance on THE COLBERT REPORT (for Canadian viewers, see here). I'm pretty impressed that it was done without preparation. I assumed watching it that there was a pre-interview of some sort, where things like Tom Bombadil were mentioned, so that's why Colbert was ready with the song, but no, I guess he's actually that much of an Lord of the Rings fan...

Chuck Dixon has a dozen pages of a Punisher western drawn by Russ Heath that was never published.

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