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Monday, May 04, 2009

A note on some upcoming content

Back in the the olden days of the internets, when it really was a series of tubes, I wanted to put up some information about comics that I really liked, and which weren't covered anywhere else on-line. Being somewhat cheap, I went with the free hosting offered by Geocities, and put up some stuff about Sheldon Mayer's Scribbly and Sugar&Spike, Robert Kanigher's Gallery of War (with various artists, including Ric Estrada) and Sam Glanzman's USS Stevens. Unfortunately, after a while some changes in how the site was run, plus my own awkward web designing, made updating the pages kind of frustrating, plus they added some poorly implemented advertising, so for the most part I never got around to properly finishing those sites. Plus, the amount of server space they offered turned out to be pretty low for the number of images I needed to do those topics justice.

Anyway, fast forwarding to today, Geocities is closing down later this year, and there are a lot of better options for hosting that stuff now, so I'm going to be copying and revamping some of that old stuff. For now I'm going to post the stuff on this site, though I may at some later point create a new weblog for each of those topics.

So that'll be a lot of the posts for the next little bit. First up, some stuff on Kanigher's Gallery of War.

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