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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sugar & Spike reprint in 2011

Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise to regular readers here, if there are any left with my sporadic posting, that I'm a big fan of Sheldon Mayer in general, and his creation SUGAR & SPIKE in particular.  So I'm quite happy about the announcement of this coming from DC in August 2011:

Written by SHELDON MAYER; Art and cover by SHELDON MAYER

DC's cult favorite comic about a pair of precocious babies is collected at last in this volume.

Hot-tempered Sugar Plumm and shy Cecil "Spike" Wilson may be toddlers, but they know more about getting into trouble than most grown-ups. And while they can understand each other perfectly, all their parents seem to hear when they speak is "Glx sptzl glaah!"

Now, DC Comics collects their classic series for the first time, starting with issues #1-10, in this hardcover showcasing stories and art by the talented Sheldon Mayer, inspired by the hijinks of his own children.

* Archive Editions * 240pg. * Color * Hardcover * $59.99 US
That's those 10 issues shown in that animated image that should be to the right.  For more S&S covers, check the GCD.

And no, not really the format I would have chosen among the many reprint formats that DC has to offer, not to mention the superior formats that other publishers use, and I'm sure I'll have various quibbles when it comes out, but a 240 page collection of some of Mayer's best work is great to see.

Anyway, for some bizarre reason comic shops are expected to order this book due in August with their orders due in late January, so the next few weeks will be the time to make your interest known if you're planning to buy it from a comic shop (order code JAN110334, page 115 of January 2011 Diamond Previews).  It's also not too early to place an order with your on-line retailer of choice, like Amazon (disclosure, small commission to me if you use that link).  That 37% off they have right now is about as good a discount as you're going to find. Not all the other retailers have it listed yet, but they will soon, search for ISBN 1401231128.

Anyway, look for January to be an unofficial "Sugar & Spike Awareness Month" on this weblog.  I'll try to get daily content up

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