Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and some links

Still surprises me that the Milton Caniff's work is so popular that there's a whole day set aside to celebrate Steve Canyon's sidekick, Happy Easter.

Meanwhile, all Steve gets is a big hole in Arizona named after him.

Ty Templeton makes sure we don't forget the true meaning of Easter, violence and rabbits.

A Walt Kelly Easter cover.

A little seen Swamp Thing cameo by George Perez.  Hey, Swamp Thing was there at the first Easter.  Sort of...

Beanworld fan The Naimis presents Beanworld Easter Eggs created with something called an Egg-Bot. 

Rick Veitch draws Doctor Strange.  That has nothing to do with Easter.  Well, Veitch did write a story about Swamp Thing at the first Easter.  Sort of...

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