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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upcoming Comics - Dorkin's MILK & CHEESE

Pleasant surprise that Evan Dorkin is coming out with a comprehensive 240-page hardcover collection of his MILK & CHEESE series late this year from Dark Horse.  A great comic, one of my favourites of the 1990s, and it would be up there in the top 10 list of reprints for this already crowded with quality year, even before you get to all the great extras (see below) and the bargain $20 price.  Ordering code through comic stores is AUG110049.

Dorkin has some notes on what's going to be included over here.  Key bits:

- The book will feature over 80 pages of comics that have not been collected before.
- There will be a 24-pg color section featuring all the color M&C strips, a cover gallery, pin-ups, merchandise art, trading cards, etc.
- There will also be a 24-pg B&W supplemental section featuring pin-ups, t-shirt designs, and other art, etc.
- The book will include the rare 1997 M&C Special Edition 16-pg mini-comic featuring the expanded "Darth Vader Overdrive" strip and extras.

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