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Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the web

Bob Rozakis has some great details about the 1978 Superman Movie Contest that DC Comics ran, and some related anecdotes.  The comics with those contest questions are among the earliest comics I have clear memories of (I was 8 at the time), so it's interesting to read more about it.  Great Christopher Reeve visit to DC story in there, too.

James Vance has the first in-store sighting of ON THE ROPES, his new sequel to KINGS IN DISGUISE reuniting with original artist Dan Burr, officially on sale next month.

Pat Mills presents the new Kevin O'Neill cover to the upcoming MARSHAL LAW book being published by... DC? Is that right? DC?

Steve Ditko has some new essays. Keep an eye over here over the next few days for more details.

Eddie Campbell presents some of his "Rules of Comprehension" for comics.

Todd Klein looks at the history of the THOR logo, three parts, starting here.

Steve Bissette on the original comic swamp monster, The Heap, including some cover roughs from his brief history with the character on an unlikely comic. That cover isn't as bad as Bissette makes it out to be, but it's definitely one of the weaker covers from an artist who's done some classics.

Top 1000 single issues and Top 1000 trades in the direct market, 2012, courtesy of John Jackson Miller.

Comic sales reported through Bookscan, 2012, courtesy of Brian Hibbs.

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