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Saturday, January 14, 2006

EC - Blood Type "V" (Ingels)

Blood Type "V"
art by Graham Ingels, story by Al Feldstein
Tales From the Crypt #22[#6] (1951)

I'm not as fond of the early Ingels work on EC as I am the later stuff. Take this story as an example. While there are a few flashes of what would shine in his work later (especially in the lush inking style), overall it's a lot stiffer than what I associate with his work. Also, the early stuff doesn't seem to revel in the gore nearly as much as it should. This story involves a couple who get into a car accident, and the woman loses massive amounts of blood (despite only slight wounds) and gets a transfusion from a creepy passerby. Of course he turns out to be a vampire, who tranformed the woman to a vampire as well. All well and good, but we don't get to see nearly enough of the choice bits, not even a good look at the vampire, which is where you'd expect Ingels to shine.

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