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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Collection - ZOT [1984 Series]

Zot [1984 series]
36 issues [1984 - 1991]
1 - 36

This is of course Scott McCloud's big series, published by Eclipse. First 10 issues are in colour, then following a hiatus the next 26 issues are in black and white. I was a pretty latecomer to the proceedings, first picking up #31 in 1990, after reading a few mentions of the series in BEANWORLD which I'd started reading a few months earlier. That was in the middle of the Earth Stories, and good stuff, and it wasn't long before I was hooked, hunting down every back issue I could find. It was pretty frustrating for a while, since McCloud did a lot of 2-part stories, and for a while I think I had just one chapter of 4 different stories. Eventually I did find everything, though. That #11 took forever to find, though.

Pretty much the whole series is recommended. The first ten issues form one long story, and honestly McCloud was probably too young and inexperienced at the time to do such a long story, so there are a lot of flaws, but there's a lot of good in there too. #6 is the best of that run. #11 to #27 run short stories, one to three issues, all of them pretty good action adventure bits. "Eyes of Dekko" from #17 - #18 is my favourite, with one of the best villains McCloud designed. The last nine issues are the "Earth Stories", with a heavy focus on Zot's "real world" friends, a group of high school students dealing with their own problems, and that's the best era of the book, a lot more character heavy and introspective, and with some bolder attempts at storytelling than the earlier eras.

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