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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking back on 2007

Not really a "resolution" or anything, but I think I'd like to get back to regular updates on the weblog in 2008, so might as well start with a post on the first day, looking back at 2007 and some of the things I liked, most of which I didn't get around to talking about.

Non-reprint comics first, with the stuff on the bookshelf. Bryan Talbot's ALICE IN SUNDERLAND was definitely one of the best things I read, just a delightfully well realized book that surprised me by just how good it was, and Talbot's name carries pretty high expectations to begin with. I also enjoyed the first two volumes of Mark Crilley's MIKI FALLS series, which deserve a longer post. Eddie Campbell's THE BLACK DIAMOND DETECTIVE AGENCY is also worth a read, though a bit of a lesser bit of work from him (but still ahead of most of his super-hero stuff).

Couple of welcome comebacks this year. Some new GROO from Aragones/Evanier at long last. Only read the one-shot 25th anniversary special so far, but it was pretty good. Rude and Baron back on NEXUS, though with just one issue out so far, is long overdue. And Steve Bissette coming out with a few new things was welcome. The big comeback hasn't hit print yet, but Larry Marder returning to the business of BEANWORLD has made me more happy with the online art samples and teasers than should be allowed.

Also among new comics, there was some stuff I liked from usual suspects Stan Sakai, Linda Medley, Paul Grist, Mark Martin, Evan Dorkin and a few others. I really need to get out and sample what new stuff there is.

Mostly I bought reprints, of course. In addition to the Kirby and Ditko covered on other weblogs, I got a lot of DC's SHOWCASE b&w volumes. Gotta love an age where you can get a reprint of "The War That Time Forgot" and other great stuff. Also reading a lot of the comic strip reprints, like PEANUTS and WALT & SKEEZIX and POPEYE (looks like POGO is delayed until next year). Got a few Osamu Tezuka volumes, which are strange and wonderful. Rick Veitch reprinted some of his 1980s material (ABRAXAS and SHINY BEASTS), which I'd only seen a few samples of before.

Only saw a handful of new movies, mostly on home video. Best was probably HOT FUZZ, which was a little absurd, but managed to make it work. Saw the two halves of GRINDHOUSE separately. DEATH PROOF didn't work overall, though I liked a few bits. PLANET TERROR was great, though, really buying into the concept. Saw both KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD, mostly because I really liked 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, but thought they were at best just okay. 1408 wasn't too bad of a horror movie, mostly thanks to John Cusack's acting carrying it. STARDUST I guess I posted about before, like it less the more I think about it. Michael Moore's SICKO was pretty enjoyable, in a "what a strange world we live in" kind of way.

Not liking that much on TV. THE OFFICE was in a bit of a slump before going into repeats, presumably for an extended period now. On the other hand, I liked the new season of 30 ROCK a lot more than what I saw of the first. PUSHING DAISIES has been a bit hit-or-miss, but I really enjoyed the bits that I like. Don't really follow any other shows that closely. On the news/talk front, I do still enjoy Keith Olbermann's newscast, and look forward to the DAILY SHOW / COLBERT combo coming back after the strike (I don't know if I'll watch the writer-less versions).

Didn't really like any new music last year, and for reading of a non-comic variety mostly was re-reading some old stuff. Though I did read the last HARRY POTTER book, thought it dragged a bit and was vaguely unsatisfied by the ending, but mostly liked it.

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