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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Midnight Train

Y'know, I didn't like 30 ROCK during what I saw of the first season. A few months ago I started watching it again, and the second year was a major improvement. Even so, I'm surprised that the episode from a few days ago (which seems to be the last before the strike, and depending on how that goes maybe the last of the season and maybe the series) ended with one of the best extended scenes I've seen in a sit-com in years. Fortunately, I taped it rather than watching it live (for some reason NBC blocks some of the video content of their site to Canadians, so I can't watch it there, but you probably can) (added later, here's another link that should work worldwide), so I've been able to watch it a dozen times, and it still hasn't gotten old. The cast does a musical number, "Midnight Train to Georgia", which starts off odd and just gets weirder from there. Doesn't sound so great on paper, but brilliantly done. It'll be a shame if the series doesn't come back.

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