Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some comic links

Charles Vess presents some art done for a stage presentation of PETER PAN.

J.M. DeMatteis presents the original proposal for ABADAZAD, which unfortunately looks like it's ending mid-story in its current incarnation (with the third book not even being released in North America).

Larry Marder has a very strange bat-themed 1970s Beanworld drawing.

Mark Martin has some artwork for a cancelled project.

Mike Kunkel has a blog for art he draws on lunchbags. You know, for kids.

Steve Bissette has many words on the history of super-hero sidekicks as just part of his introduction to the upcoming collection of Rick Veitch's BRATPACK.

Todd Klein on how comics used to be coloured.

Evan Dorkin on WORLD'S FUNNEST and the DC policy reason his art isn't in the book he wrote, not even the little headshots used in promotional buttons. Also designs for a Mxyzptlk statue, and more info on FUNNEST down in the comments.

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