Monday, April 20, 2009

The Miracleman conspiracy theory of the week

You know, one that that struck me as kind of odd. The company that apparently bought Mick Anglo's rights to Miracleman/Marvelman, as revealed in PRINCE OF STORIES, is named Emotiv. A search of the web shows this as the main company named Emotiv:

Now, I don't know if they're the same guys. Probably not. But direct neural interface with computers? What does that make you think of with regards to Miracleman?

You, Mr. Moran, surely that reminds you of something...

That's right. I'm suggesting that a shell company owned by Emil Gargunza has bought Miracleman.

Only slightly more seriously, I'm picturing the Miracleman family being used as pitchmen for high tech neural interface virtual reality. "Hi, I'm Michael Moran, and I spent years living in a fantasy world as a superhero named Miracleman. Now, thanks to the good people at Emotiv™, Inc., you too can live the dream..."

God, I hope it's not the same guys...

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