Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miracleman - The game is afoot

So, today ComicMix featured a rather poorly written and researched piece on Miracleman/Marvelman, based on information they've gotten that an agent has been recently shopping around the film rights to the character. Lots of mistakes in the article, so don't take anything in there at face value, but new information is their claim that the unnamed agent is representing "Jon Campbell, the Scottish businessman". Which is a common enough name that it doesn't help, except when you link it to some information the ComicMix article does not have, the name of the company that purchased Mick Anglo's rights to Miracleman, as reported in PRINCE OF STORIES and recently posted on this weblog and elsewhere. So, "Emotiv" and "Jon Campbell". This looks like a job for the internet...

A music producer named Jon Campbell, affiliated with Emotiv Records, based in, hey, what do you know, Glasgow.

Digging further, here's Emotiv's logo-only "coming soon" webpage:

But searching around does yield a broken two-year old shopping page, too:

Which also has a Glasgow address. You can find out a few more things if you search around. Nothing conclusive, of course, this could be a completely different guy, and a completely different company, especially given the source of the "Jon Campbell" name.

Curiouser and curiouser, though. At least it looks like they're not affiliated with the brain-controlled computer guys ("GAAARRRGUNZAAAAAA!").

I'm optimistic enough to hope that any movement on the Miracleman front is inherently a good thing, since the status quo of the last few years isn't helping anyone. But I'm realistic enough that I'm not parting with my existing issues of Miracleman any time soon, not until I see a physical copy of a complete reprint. Quite frankly, more grasping hands that had nothing to do with the creation of the actual comics getting involved isn't a good sign.

Anyway, my prediction on the final resolution: "A king will forsake his kingdom. Life and death will clash and fray. The oldest battle begins once more."

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