Saturday, January 02, 2010

More short bits

A few random things while I work on some things to keep up the daily posting for a while.

Reminders of stuff to write about soon:
Tardi's WEST COAST BLUES, pretty good, the first Tardi I really enjoyed, although the beginning is a bit confusing.
Lucky Luke, still not quite that impressed. I'll give it a few more books to grow on me, Goscinny's earned that much.
Boy, Eddie Campbell really changed Bacchus a lot from his earliest stories.
PERSEPOLIS is really good. Why didn't anyone tell me? Yeah, okay, it was my own fault for taking this long to read it, but man, better than I expected. Definitely should have read this before Satrapi's other books.

Around the web:

Steve Bissette begins a brand new story online, "King of Monster Isle", with a whole mess of monsters (just a few of them over on the right) in the classic SRB tradition. This should be good.

I'm not sure why Dark Horse is still hosting their on-line comics at MySpace, but hey, look, a new series by Mark Crilley, "Brody's Ghost", starts in the latest one. Runs for three months, and the good news is that there's going to be a series of original graphic novels.  Looking forward to that.  And looking back a few months, I see there was a prelude to the new Groo series a while ago that I missed.  Cute little story by Rick Geary a few months before that.  Oh, and a second Beanworld story is going to be hosted there in April.  The interface kind of sucks, though. Not quite "DC's Zuda Comics" sucks level, but pretty awkward.

Me elsewhere:
Kirby Weblog : Where Creatures Roam #3 [1970]
Ditko Weblog : Where Creatures Roam #3 [1970]

Upcoming Comic of Interest:
I really like Jason Shiga's BOOKHUNTER, so it's really good to see that his next book is coming out from a major publisher, and looks to be something unique and experimental.  Should be a book to watch for. And man, Abrams has been building up quite a selection of quality comics, haven't they?

ISBN-10: 0810984237
ISBN-13: 978-0810984233
Diamond NOV090577

And an amusing old cover, who doesn't love "Batman Jones"? Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris provide this 1957 cover.

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