Thursday, June 16, 2011

Linkses, and a few words of mostly disinterest in the DC shuffle

Jim Lawson is posting his dinosaur comic PALEO: LONER (a continuation of the 8-issue series he previously published).

Speaking of thunder lizards, a Tyrant illustration used as a beer label by Steve Bissette.

Evan Dorkin draws J. Jonah Jameson in the original Spider-Slayer robot.

Tell Donna Barr how you're going to die, and she'll draw it for you.

Comic book sales for May 2011, not too surprisingly, down. Seems like a good time for a reboot.  As you've probably read everywhere else by now, DC is releasing 52 first issues in September.  The only one of the books I'd consider getting in the serialized version, if I was going to a comic shop on any regular basis, is the new Superman series written by George Perez, mostly from a two-decade old affection for his work on Wonder Woman, and my interest is tempered down more than slightly by the costume redesign, which seems very inelegant compared to the classic version. I suppose if I hear really good things I might pick up a collection down the line. A few of the other books I might check out if my local library gets copies of the collections, but many of them I don't know if I'd read even if they're free.

A lot has been made about the almost complete lack of any female creators in the line, which is definitely a problem.  One other thing that sticks out, as far as I can tell only one of the 52 books is being written or drawn by anyone who had a hand in creating the character or concept (RESURRECTION MAN written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, who I believe co-created the character, and not counting the occasional member of a team book who may have been created by the current writer or artist).  Obviously for most of the classic characters the creators are deceased or retired, but there are a few more modern characters whose creators are still active, and I guess it just seems a bit sad that in 52 books they didn't find room for at least one brand new concept.  I guess such a thing would be a hard sell in the current market, and almost sure to be among the group of the titles to open with weak sales and swift cancellation.

More importantly, though, SHOWCASE PRESENTS GHOSTS VOLUME 1!

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