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Friday, June 24, 2011

Upcoming Comics - Zulli's FRACTURE

Hopefully this time for sure, Michael Zulli's THE FRACTURE OF THE UNIVERSAL BOY is set to come out from Eidolon Fine Arts.  From the sounds of it this edition will be quite a step up in production quality from the previously solicited version, well worth the modest increase in price.  Been looking forward to this one for a long time.  First I've heard it's part of a trilogy...

If ordering from a comic shop, the Diamond order code is JUL111105.  The ISBN is 9780983513803, though it doesn't seem to show up on the listings of the major booksellers yet, but should soon.


After twenty odd years making art and comics, Zulli believes that there are universal truths to be found amid the struggle and calling to make art, and indeed, to life itself. Often brutal, sometimes a bit funny, and always surreal as it examines life from a different perspective, The Fracture of the Universal Boy is Zulli's personal reflection on love, life and art; and both the damage done and the possibility of transcending even the most dire and difficult of times. Part one of a three graphic novel set called The Dream Suite, Zulli's The Fracture of the Universal Boy is the beginning of a journey we all take in one way or another."

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