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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Will the Shadow get his body back, 25 years later...

So, Dynamite recently published a reprint of Howie Chaykin's SHADOW series "Blood and Judgment" from DC in the 1980s, and followed up with the subsequent Andy Helfer/Bill Sienkiewicz "Shadows & Light" story that launched the on-going series.  Now it looks like they're going on to "Seven Deadly Finns", where Helfer teamed up with Kyle Baker for what's probably my favourite Shadow story ever.

Which means we might get more Helfer/Baker in the almost as good "Body & Soul" some time after that.  Which is going to beg the question, the last issue of the series, #19, ends (spoiler alert) like this:

With the Shadow in a similar condition. And because I'm a man who owns too much paper, we were promised this for "Nuts And Bolts" in 1989:

Never published, of course, and instead a few months later we got a more traditional take on the character in THE SHADOW STRIKES.  I don't have the early issues of that book, but I've heard that there's some mention of the abandoned storyline there, maybe a promise of a special to wrap it up? Can anyone confirm? Anyway, now 25 years later I doubt we're going to see a continuation of the story by anyone, much less the original creators. But one can dream. Presumably something must have been written and maybe drawn before the plug was pulled.


  1. I read Chaykin's 4-issue miniseries of the Shadow, but I only got the first issues of the Andy Helfer series.

    By the way, I really enjoyed your post about the Bojeffries Saga, I wrote something about it on my blog in case you want to check it out.


  2. Oh, and my blog is

  3. That cliffhanger bugged the poop out of me. I share your dream !

  4. You've probably found out already but Yes, DC announced that a Shadow Special would tie up loose ends from Helfer's series but that never saw light.


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