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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Upcoming Comics - April 2005

Just a few notable comic related books that are scheduled for a few months from now.

MARVEL VISIONARIES STEVE DITKO HC is a big thick book of Ditko stories, including some of the best Spider-Man and Doc Strange stories ever. You can go here for a partial list of the contents, with some commentary on what someone thinks should be included (most of which I agree with). Whatever fills out those extra pages, this is definitely going to be a nice collection.

COMPLETE PEANUTS VOL 3 1955-1956 HC has two more years of Charles Schulz's classic strip. These are excellent looking books, and I think this volume will have some particular favourites from books I read as a kid.

OSAMU TEZUKA'S BUDDHA VOL 1 KAPILAVASTU - interesting to see that Vertical is releasing very inexpensive ($8) softcover editions of these books, with different volume breaks from the hardcover (around 256 pages each, as opposed 350-400+ for the hardcovers, so I guess 12 volumes for the series instead of 8). I'll be posting some things about the hardcover volumes in a while. Also on the literary manga front, note that Last Gasp finishes the new printings of Keiji Nakazawa's BAREFOOT GEN with books 3 and 4. Been wanting to re-read those as well.

24 HOUR COMICS ALL STARS is the third collection of "24 Hour Comics" from About Comics. Of note in this 240 page book are the contributions of Scott McCloud (the first 24 Hour Comic, which can be read here) and Paul Smith. Good bet there'll be enough interesting stuff to be worth the price.

ESSENTIAL HULK VOL 3 should have enough good stuff to be worth buying, especially for the Trimpe/Severin issues, although I'd be a bit peeved seeing it coming if I didn't know that new THOR and FF volumes should be out later in the year.

DAVE SIM COLLECTED LETTERS 2004 TP proves, if nothing else, that Sim's insanity didn't end with #300. It's hard to believe there's enough of a market for this, even among people who sent Sim letters.

MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER VOL 3 4000 AD HC has more of the Russ Manning classic. I'll probably pick them up eventually, if no paperback volumes are released, although the reproduction, from printed comics, seemed to leave a bit to be desired for a $50 hardcover.

FIRST KINGDOM VOL 1 TP (OF 4) collects Jack Katz's long fantasy epic, published by Mecca Comics. Should be interesting to take a look at.

Also of note, mostly stuff I'll pick up in eventual collections, P. Craig Russell is doing a CONAN mini-series, which should look nice. New issue of JACK STAFF from Paul Grist. GIRL GENIUS #14 by the Foglios. A SUPERNATURAL LAW special by Batton Lash. Continuing GRIMJACK mini-series by Ostrander/Truman (plus a second collection of the original run) from IDW.

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