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Saturday, January 22, 2005

My Collection - Summary Post

Mostly for my own reference, links to each of the "My Collection" posts on the weblog, wherein I talk briefly about every series in my collection, counting down in order of quantity of issues of each series that I own.

The Comic Reader [? series]
Sgt. Rock [1977 series]
Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer [1985 series]
Action Comics [1938 series]
Our Army At War [1952 series]
Usagi Yojimbo [1996 series]
Amazing Heroes [1981 series]
Swamp Thing [1985 series]
Superman [1939 series]
Detective Comics [1937 series]
Daredevil [1964 series]
Marvel Tales [1966 series]
The Flash [1959 series]
Wonder Woman [1987 series]
DC Comics Presents [1978 series]
G. I. Combat [1957 series]
Marvel Fanfare [1982 series]
The Sandman [1989 series]
Batman [1940 series]
Nexus [1985 series]
Fantastic Four [1961 series]
Legion of Super-Heroes [1989 series]
Sugar & Spike [1956 series]
Thor [1966 series]
Justice League of America [1960 series]
Secret Origins [1986 series]
Alter Ego [1999 series]
Our Fighting Forces [1954 series]
Jack Kirby Collector [1994 series]
Grimjack [1984 series]
The Legion of Super-Heroes [1980 series]
Marvel's Greatest Comics [1969 series]
The Spectre [1992 series]
The Brave and the Bold [1955 series]
Hellblazer [1988 series]
Power Pack [1984 series]
Icon [1993 series]
Adventure Comics [1938 series]
Captain America [1968 series]
Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth! [1972 series]
Soulsearchers and Company [1993 series]
The New Teen Titans [1980 series]
Green Lantern [1976 series]
Critters [1986 series]
Usagi Yojimbo [1987 series]
Zot [1984 series]
The Incredible Hulk [1968 series]
The Question [1987 series]
Superboy [1994 series]
The Best of DC [1979 series]
Blood Syndicate [1993 series]
Legion of Super-Heroes [1984 series]
Azrael [1995 series]
The Adventures of Superman [1987 series]
Hardware [1993 series]
Comics Buyer's Guide [1983 series]
Static [1993 series]
Blue Devil [1984 series]
The Amazing Spider-Man [1963 series]
Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children [1989 series]
Doctor Fate [1988 series]
World's Finest Comics [1941 series]
Suicide Squad [1987 series]

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