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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

EC - Cave Man (Craig)

Cave Man
by Johnny Craig
Crypt of Terror, The #19[#3] (1950)

This is the story of Homer Perry, a curator who has worked for years on a display that will make his career, but just before he's finished there's a discovery of an intact frozen caveman which overshadows his own work, which he's not even able to finish as he's pulled to prepare a display for the caveman. In his bitterness he decides to destroy the caveman by thawing him out, but to his surprise finds out this brings the ancient man back to life, whereupon he goes on a rampage and kills Homer.

After the rampage, and confused and frightened by this new world, the unfrozen caveman becomes a lawyer... oh wait, I mean refreezes himself in his display, leaving everyone to assume Homer went crazy with jealousy and destroyed the exhibit.

Cute little story, but it takes too long for the caveman to unfreeze and then it doesn't last long enough.

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