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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

EC - The Flying Saucer Invasion (Feldstein)

The Flying Saucer Invasion
by Al Feldstein
Weird Science #13[#2] (1950)

An odd bit of alternate history in this Feldstein effort from the early days of the New Trend, as we follow the eyewitnesses to several flying saucer sightings beginning in 1948, some from some not so reliable witnesses.

But others included air force pilots. Reaction varies around the world, but the US government does whatever it can to convince the witnesses that what they thought they saw could be something else, from a tornado to a balloon to an alcoholic delusion, and firmly disproves the existence of flying saucers by early 1950. Several months later an observatory catches sight of an incoming invasion of thousands of flying saucers. Just goes to show you never can trust the government.

Nothing too great in this one, as they were still working out the best way to do their twist endings at this point, and it doesn't quite work here, and the flying saucers are kind of bland looking.

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