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Thursday, March 22, 2007

EC - Revenge (Krigstein)

art by Bernard Krigstein, story by unknown
Aces High #2 (1955)

One of Krigstein's more conventional stories in this one, as a US pilot in the First World War falls in love with a nurse while recovering from injuries. Unfortunately, she dies in an attack from the German pilot Von Rustow, in a nice little cinematic sequence.

Our hero vows vengeance, but his superiors refuse to put him back on combat duty until he's fully recovered, but puts him in an observation plane instead. Of course he ends up encountering Von Rustow anyway, and with some tricky flying manages to ram him, killing them both.

Not the most realistic air combat story, but Krigstein does a good job with a few of the sequences, keeping it visually interesting enough that the more cliche story elements don't overwhelm it.

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