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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, DNAgents returns...

I don't pay too much attention to upcoming comics solicitations these days, other than a cursory look for upcoming Kirby or Ditko reprints, but this was quite a pleasant surprise.

art & cover WILL MEUGNIOT

MARK EVANIER and WILL MEUGNIOT 's DNAGENTS may well have been the prototype for today's comic book industry. Not only was it released through one of the first independent publishers, not only was it creator-owned, but it was prescient in its use of genetic manipulation to create superpowers and its setting in the halls of an evil multi-national corporation! Award-winning television writer/producer, EVANIER and acclaimed animation producer/director, MEUGNIOT were clearly ahead of the curve and DNAGENTS remains one of the most fondly remembered books of the 1980s!

Now, collected in one volume with extensive notations, never-before published artwork and bonus features for the first time ever!

OCTOBER 15 - 452 PAGES - $24.99

A very fun series, especially this first year and a bit with both creators at the helm.  And maybe this precedes some CROSSFIRE by Evanier and Spiegle...

By the way, I'm seeing conflicting reports on whether this will be in colour or black&white.  Will update as confirmed.  More info, no doubt, soon to be seen here.

Adding, Evanier confirms b&w interiors, threatens possibility of more volumes if sales warrant.

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