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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kudos to DC - Documenting errors

So, what level of geek does it make you when you come across a notice about this URL in a recent DC publication, go online to check it out and it immediately becomes your favourite page on DC's entire website, if not the whole comics interweb?

For those who didn't check the link, DC has an official "Errata" site, where they document errors in their various publications (and post full credits for the many books which sloppily went out with no table of contents or credits). How cool is that? Okay, to you probably not very, but I love that kind of stuff (especially their promise to correct these errors in subsequent printings). The list they have up now is far from complete, of course (I notice an error in almost every DC book I read, to the point I'm almost disappointed when I don't find one), and the layout leaves something to be desired, especially as the lists will grow.  Anyway, someone is getting a long letter with many corrections from me (I notice they don't have an e-mail address to submit corrections, probably wisely).

My favourite so far:
The art on pages 22-36, 37-48, 50-64, 82-93, 94-106, 108-122, 124-135, 136-147, 174-188 and 190-213 was pencilled by Sheldon Moldoff, not Bob Kane.
That's some typo.  Good thing they're restricting this to collected editions, or correcting every instance of "Bob Kane" credits since 1939 would clog up the internet tubes.

So yes, I know my love of this might make me quite a nerd (though I prefer the term "Error Enthusiast"), but so be it.  I think every publisher should be encouraged to do this (Mark Evanier started a corrections page for his KIRBY: KING OF COMICS, but hasn't updated it in a while, can't think of anyone else who even made the effort).

(note, DC never updated the site after the initial entries, so it was sadly a half-assed effort)

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