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Sunday, December 08, 2013

MARCH - BOOK ONE by Lewis, Aydin & Powell

MARCH - BOOK ONE is the first part of a three-part autobiography of John Lewis, written with Andrew Aydin and drawn by Nate Powell. Lewis is a long-time member of the US congress, but long before that he was a leader in the civil rights movement. In this first book he lays the foundation for his future life with stories about growing up in Alabama and how he became aware of the wider world, the changes that were coming and the role he could play in them. This first book only brings his story up to 1960 and the desegregation of lunch counters in Nashville, with the iconic "march" of the title still years away and just shown briefly in the prologue. A great story so far, and effectively told, it seems to be doing well that I hope the later volumes follow quickly. Until then, I guess I could read Lewis' older, more traditional memoirs. And Nate Powell's other books look pretty interesting.

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