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Saturday, December 07, 2013


SUPERMAN VOLUME 1 - WHAT PRICE TOMORROW? collects the first six issues of the current SUPERMAN series, part of the publisher's "New 52" branded reboot of 2011.  This was the only one of the launch books I was really interested in, since it was written by George Perez who I'll always have a soft spot for. Mostly for his art, of course, which isn't seen much in here (just the covers and some breakdowns), but also some of his writing. It starts off pretty good, one of the more readable of the "New 52" things I've tried (my library's gotten a lot of them, most didn't leave much of an impression, a lot of them I stopped halfway through). Nothing spectacular, but solid single issue stories which build up a menace and also try to establish some of the new backstory. It all falls apart a bit in the second half, but you can't really blame that on Perez.  I didn't really follow all the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I gather he didn't feel he was getting to tell his story the way he wanted, and left the series after these issues to just draw. There's also some mild chaos with the art, with first-issue artist Jesus Merino only drawing three chapters, the other three drawn by Nicola Scott. Both are okay, I actually preferred Scott's work. She seems to come closest to making the ill-advised current version of the costume for Siegel and Shuster's creation work. I'll have to keep an eye out for her work on something else interesting in the future.

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