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Friday, September 09, 2005

My Collection - ADVENTURE COMICS [1938 Series]

Adventure Comics [1938 series]
42 issues [1948 - 1982]
127, 292, 317, 333, 372, 375, 390, 416, 428 - 431, 445, 458, 460, 463, 465 - 490

This is the long-running book which took over the numbering from NEW ADVENTURE, which in turn continued from NEW COMICS, the first comic from the company that became DC. Ran a variety of features through the years, including a long run of Legion of Super-Heroes, and was eventually renamed to ADVENTURE COMICS DIGEST with #491, lasting 13 issues with that name.

I was buying this towards the end, through several changes in format. The last few "Dollar Comic" format issues, when it was a general over-sized anthology, then a run where it had the Ditko/Levitz Starman, which I liked, plus some okay Plastic Man and later Aquaman stuff. Then it changed format to the "Dial H For Hero" format, which featured two kids who temporarily tranform to reader designed super-heroes. I liked those at the time, but I was 11 at the time. Some of them still hold up as dopey fun.

Picked up a few back-issues later. Low grade Legion of Super-Heroes issues, a few issues with Sheldon Mayer writing on Black Orchid and the like.

Not too many I'd get rid of among these. I wouldn't mind picking up the few "Dollar Comic" issues I'm missing at some point, but they're absurdly overpriced.

Notable issues:

#428 - #430 - Sheldon Mayer introducing the Black Orchid, with Tony DeZuniga artwork, a lot of fun, a kind of golden-age throwback character.

#431 - the first Aparo/Fleisher Spectre, plus one of my favourite comic stories ever as the backup, Mayer and Alex Toth on "Is a Snerl Human?"

#467 - #478 - The Ditko/Levitz Starman, which is a nice little space-opera, with constant twists and new surprises every issue.

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