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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Collection - THE NEW TEEN TITANS [1980 Series]

The New Teen Titans [1980 series]
40 issues [1980 - 1984]
1 - 40

Boy, I loved this book back in the early 1980s. This is of course the popular revamp of DC's teen sidekicks team by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. After #40 it was retitled to TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS so this title could be used for a new version of the book in a misguided publishing plan. Speaking of misguided publishing plan, I wish they'd reprint this stuff in something other than overpriced hardcovers. It would be great to see some of it with good printing, but not at that price.

Looking at the cover gallery on the GCD, it was a pretty consistently good run, lots to like. Good use of classic heroes and villains, plus a lot of new ones thrown in. Good long-term plotting, a nice mix of single issues and longer stories (but never more than four issues to a resolution of some sort).

A few favourites:

#13 - #15, the hunt for the killers of the original Doom Patrol, a great example of how they mix the old and the new, juggling a lot of characters, mixing action and humour.

#38, "Who is Donna Troy?", not really a Titans story, more of a Robin and Wonder Girl story, but a touching story really well told. Glad they haven't seen the need to complicate her origin any more after this...

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