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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Collection - CAPTAIN AMERICA [1968 Series]

Captain America [1968 series]
42 issues [1969 - 1982]
112, 136, 176, 193 - 214, 216, 256 - 257, 259 - 271, 273

Taking over the numbering from TALES OF SUSPENSE with #100, Cap's adventures continued in full length stories in this book, which ran until 1996 when re-numbering fever hit, and has been restarted, I dunno, about a dozen times since. I like Cap a lot, and picked up the book at various times, but haven't found too much of the stuff worth keeping. The DeMatteis/Zeck run I kept some of was good. Roger Stern wrote some good stuff, but I didn't keep those because I picked up the reprint of some of them. Which I now seem to have lost. The back-issue buying was of course primarily the Jack Kirby run of the 1970s, plus a few scattered other issues.

Not getting too many back-issues here, although I'll happily keep buying ESSENTIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA if it goes into the early 1970s material.

Most of this is going to be covered in the Kirby weblog, of course. Highlights among the non-Kirby issues I have:

261-263 - The Red Skull, robots, Nomad, all sorts of fun

269 - Introducing Team America! Okay, so not the greatest run of comics ever...

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