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Monday, February 20, 2006

My Collection - THE INCREDIBLE HULK [1968 Series]

The Incredible Hulk [1968 series]
36 issues [1976 - 1997]
196, 214, 235, 247, 249, 347, 368, 377, 393, 397, 400 - 401, 403, 405 - 425, 450 - 451

This HULK series took over the numbering from TALES TO ASTONISH, of course, and continued until 1999 when someone thought a new #1 was a good idea. I remember reading it a few times as a kid, but don't have those anymore. Most of the run I own is from Peter David's long run as writer. I tried it a few times early on, as the Hulk kept changing colours and personalities, and liked aspects of it, but it didn't really click for me until Gary Frank came aboard as the artist, with the Hulk green and intelligent, and it lost me again almost right away after Frank left (I used to have several other issues from before and after Frank's run, but they were pretty easy to get rid of).

Only picked up a few back issues over the years, a few because they had Steve Ditko artwork and a few other random ones which were okay, but not enough to make me search out more.

A few noteworthy issues among those I have:

#368 is a really good one-shot with Sam Kieth on guest-art and a good sample of Peter David's take on the character at the time.

#413 - #416 is a good sampler of the Gary Frank era, with an entertaining story of the Hulk in space, using the supporting cast of the time and various other Marvel Universe concepts.

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