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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stuff of Interest - May 2006 - You Call This Art

by Greg Irons
This retrospective book spans Greg Irons' artistic career, from his earliest dance posters, to his groundbreaking science fiction and horror comix, to his innovative and colorful tattoo art. Greg Irons was one of the elite among poster artists who worked for Bill Graham’s Fillmore Ballroom in San Francisco during the Age of Aquarius, designing posters for Chuck Berry, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, and Paul Butterfield. This book reprints his finest psychedelic posters in full-color, as well as complete comic stories from Slow Death Funnies, Legions of Charlies, Deviant Slice, Yellow Dog, Thrilling Murder, and many other underground comic books.
It also includes rarely seen album cover art for Jerry Garcia, Blue Cheer, Jefferson Starship and other counterculture musicians. Extras include never-before-seen pages from his private sketchbooks and journals, personal photographs, and works in obscure publications.
Softcover, 8x10, 240pgs, PC $24.95
MAR063213 Fantagraphics

I'm mostly familiar with Irons from his work in the underground comic SLOW DEATH and one collection of his early work that Rip Off Press published in the 1980s. He's got a great raw, gritty style, an obvious influence on a lot of later artists I like, and of course died way too young. It's good to see him getting a major retrospective, it'll be interesting to see all the aspects of his career. I wasn't even aware how many of those distinctive psychedelic posters were his work.

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