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Monday, February 27, 2006

Stuff of Interest - May 2006 - The Art of S. Clay Wilson

by S. Clay Wilson; with an Introduction by R. Crumb

THE ART OF S. CLAY WILSON is the long-awaited career retrospective of the most extreme of the Zap cartoonists of the late 1960s. A self-described "graphic agoraphobe," Wilson draws manically dense scenes of lurid mayhem that rank among the seminal works of underground, counterculture American art. It'’s all here, from the classic chronicles of the Checkered Demon to salacious stories about the pirates, prostitutes, and poets that inhabit Wilson'’s divinely depraved world.
Hardcover, 9x12, 192pgs, Full Colour $35.00
MAR063635 Ten Speed Press

I mostly know Wilson from some of his work that Steve Bissette ran in TABOO, where it was often the most visually disturbing work in a book devoted to the visually disturbing, I've also read some of his older underground work, including some of the Checkered Demon stuff. I'm not sure my stomach could take 200 pages of his work in lurid colour, but I'm glad it's being published.

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