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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stuff of Interest - May 2006 - Carl Barks' DuckTales v1

A collection of Carl Barks adventures that were adapted to the popular DuckTales cartoon show. This volume features "Back to the Klondike," "Land Beneath the Ground," "Micro-Ducks from Outer Space," "Lemming With the Locket," "Lost Crown of Genghis Khan," and "Hound of the Whiskervilles."
Softcover, 5x7, 144pgs, Full Colour $10.95
MAR063223 Gemstone

Good to see a good thick collection of classic Barks (with a second volume coming soon after, according to the Amazon listings, so if your favourite long Scrooge adventure isn't up there it's probably in the second one). These are being released to tie-in with the recent DVD release of the cartoon series, which is a pretty good show as far as TV animation goes, especially the ones I saw that used the Barks stories (although they always replaced Donald and added some original-to-the-cartoon ducks). Anyway, all those are classics, and "Lemming With the Locket" is a particular favourite.

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