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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tripping - UK photos

Yes, vacation photos. Feel free to skip if that's not to your taste.

I got a new camera just before I left, my first digital camera, so I did a lot of clicking. About 1500 photos in all, which is probably more than I'd taken in my life before this camera. A lot of those didn't come out good, of course, because I was playing with the camera settings, and I'm not a very good photographer, but the good thing about digital is that you can freely take lousy photos.

As I mentioned, one of my favourite things in the UK were the RAF Museums. This is from the RAF London, one of the coolest displays, a Hurricane that crashed during the Battle of Britain, recovered in the 1970s.

Another plane from the Battle of Britain building at the RAF Museum.

A panoramic view of one of the hangars at RAF Cosford. Hey, the camera does panoramic, I had to see how well it did it, and this was a cool view.

Over in Coventry, they're still doing some excavations around the Coventry Catherdral that was bombed in WWII. This is a cool floor mosaic called "Cofa's Tree", which is where the city got its name.

The Natural History Museum had a lot of nice displays, including the Meteor display (photos from there didn't come out too well, a bit too dark) and some stuff on evolution. But the highlight of course is the dinosaurs (I love the way the signs directing you to the dinosaurs take you almost through the full museum to get there, when there's an unsigned shortcut right off the entrance).

Lots of great skeletons and models, leading of course to the giant animatronic T. rex. Sure, it's a gimmick, but man is it one cool gimmick.

My first view of Big Ben. Which yeah, is a bit touristy to take a photo of, but I did want to mention that photos really don't do justice to it and the whole structure. Also, I liked the way this angle caught two distinctively Londony things.

I also liked the dragons around the city, many of which looked really cool.

The British Museum had some great stuff, of course, especially the Egyptian rooms and the Greek stuff. I always like sculptures of horses. The sculptors always seem to same their most inspired work for the horses.

The Rosetta Stone is the big name display piece at the British Museum right now, of course. You can tell by the Rosetta Stone paperweights and Rosetta Stone chocolate for sale in the gift shop (I picked up the Rosetta Stone shaped keychain). Anyway, pretty cool to see it in person and up close.

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