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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Kirihito by Tezuka


by Osamu Tezuka

Dr. Osanai Kirihito has uncovered a fatal medical condition that transforms humans into dog-like beasts. In pursuit of the Monmow Disease, Dr. Kirihito catches the disease himself, and becomes his own patient. Christian dogmas of charity, redemption, and human compassion are put to the ultimate test!

Softcover, 828pgs, B&W $24.95

This sounds like one seriously odd but interesting book. Interesting choice to release it all in one big chunk like this, too. Provided the binding is okay, I approve, though I might have liked to see a hardcover edition.

Also this month from Vertical, the third paperback volume of Tezuka's BUDDHA.

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