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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Castle Waiting v2#2

by Linda Medley

Chapter three of “Interiors” wraps up with a flashback to young Jain paying a visit to her charming older sisters at the King's court. Upon returning home, she finds an equally charming visitor of her own waiting for her. Chapter four opens back at the present-day Castle, as unexpected guests arrive. Medley’s sharp pen and even sharper storytelling create a delightfully adventurous universe!
40pgs, $4.75
Fantagraphics Books JUL063130

The first all-new issue of the new series, coming out a lot sooner than I had expected. Good to see Medley getting right back into it after the long publishing gap. I'm looking forward to finally getting some answers about Jain's past.

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