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Thursday, August 10, 2006

EC - ...For Posterity (Wood)

...For Posterity
art by Wallace Wood, story by Al Feldstein
Weird Science-Fantasy #24[#2] (1954)

This story begins as a pretty routine flying saucer story, with two young prospectors out in the mountains seeing a mysterious ship. Going to explore, they find the small space ship with an open hatch and go in to explore, only to have the ship close up and take off far into space. They naturally assume that the aliens who abducted them will dissect them, but instead they find...

They've been taken to a planet full of beautiful women. I knew there was a reason they had Wallace Wood draw this story. Anyway, it turns out that this is the future of Earth, after an atomic war destroyed civilization and made the men all sterile. Fortunately, they found a way to use radio-active substances to allow women to reproduce, but only female offspring, and now that they've run out of the substance have used they're newly developed space and time travel device to bring in men to continue the species.

The two men are, of course, happy to help out, and are then returned to where they were taken from, thinking it was a dream until they see evidence to convince them otherwise.

Bit of a silly story, maybe more than a little sexist in some ways (though the women did seem to manage quite an advanced rebuilding of civilization without men around). Wood is definitely at the top of his game by this point, though, which makes it much more effective.

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