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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Swamp Thing : Infernal Triangles

Written by Rick Veitch, Jamie Delano and Stephen Bissette
Art by Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala, Tom Mandrake and others
Cover by John Totleben

Collecting issues #77-81 of the series that helped to lay the foundation for the Vertigo line, this volume follows the Avatar of the Green and Abby as they prepare for the birth of their child — only to have an alien intelligence rip the Swamp Thing away from his home just when he's needed the most. This collection also reprints the 41-page "Distant Cousins" story from SWAMP THING ANNUAL #3, featuring the all-ape adventures of the DCU's most famous anthropoids.

on sale November 22 176 pg, $19.99 US

I'm surprised, but pleasantly so, that this series is continuing. Other than THE QUESTION this is probably the best uncollected DC series of its era. I do wonder if they've even decided what they're going to do with the end of the next volume (the last statement from Veitch I've seen is pretty old, but indicates as of that point they hadn't asked him to return and do a real ending).

I wish they had taken more care with the placement of the annuals for this run. Annual #3 should have been in the first Veitch collection, literally taking place right after #65. Annual #4 (the Bissette scripted one) will be even more out of place if they include it in the next issue among the time travelling stories (whereas Annual #5 will fit among those, assuming they don't skip it because it's already reprinted in the Neil Gaiman odds-and-ends collection). Ah well, that's nitpicking, just good that they're being reprinted in some form.

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