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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Upcoming Stuff of Interest - Showcase Presents Unknown Soldier

Written by Joe Kubert, Bob Haney, Frank Robbins, Robert Kanigher, David Michelinie and Archie Goodwin
Art by Kubert, Jack Sparling, Gerry Talaoc and others
Cover by Ken Barr

Assuming a wide variety of disguises to battle the Nazis, the Unknown Soldier plunges deep behind enemy lines in this 560-page black-and-white SHOWCASE trade, collecting stories from his first appearance in STAR-SPANGLED WAR STORIES #151 to issue #190.
on sale November 22 560 pg, B&W $16.99 US

I've got a scattering of these, and it's pretty good stuff. The art should look really good in black&white as well. One of the best looking SHOWCASE books has been the Haunted Tank volume, which practically looks like it was drawn for black&white, unlike the super-hero stuff which still looks good but always seems to have something missing.

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