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Sunday, May 20, 2007

EC - Child of Tomorrow (Feldstein)

Child of Tomorrow
by Al Feldstein
Weird Fantasy #17[#5] (1951)

Post-nuclear funnies provided by Feldstein this time, as Jerry has the luck of spending some time exploring an underground mine as the US faces a saturation attack of nukes (but manage to completely wipe out the enemy). His girl Linda was also among the survivors, but he has to leave her behind, pregnant, when he's sent on job to find uranium in South America. Unfortunately, everyone else quickly starts dying from delayed effects of the nukes, leaving Jerry to make his way back to the US alone, where he finds the city full of strange mutants, where he's the only pre-Atomic left alive.

One of those crazed two-headed mutants turns out to be... well, you can figure it out from there, I'm sure. Very clear, straightforward work from Feldstein that gets really creepy in the last few pages.

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