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Monday, May 07, 2007

McCloud signing

Decided to go down to the Scott McCloud tour signing at the Beguiling today. It was nice to get a chance to say hello to McCloud and get a few things signed. I brought along my first issue of ZOT! (background here), my copy of UNDERSTANDING COMICS (old-school first print Tundra edition) and the tabloid sized DESTROY!! (explaining how I only recently got that edition, after suffering for years with the 3-D edition that doesn't quite work with my wonky eyes). McCloud is very friendly, and I recommend catching him if possible during his on-going tour.

As luck would have it, they also had a package of Matt Feazell's mini-comics from the Beguiling's stock there, including the ZOT #10 1/2 (which I already had, though this is the rarer first print) and a whole lot of others, only a few of which I already had, so I picked that up. I suppose that pack might have been in the store for a long while, but if you've been in the Beguiling you know they have 50 pounds of books stuffed in a 10 pound sack, so it's easy to miss stuff there. Especially if you only go there two or three times a year.

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